100% Satisfaction Guarantee - No Commitment - Cancel Anytime - Always FREE SHIPPING on 2 or more filters!

Our Guarantee


If you are not 100% satisfied with our products or our service, you can return the shipment for a full refund and/or cancel at any time from your account page or with an e-mail or a phone call…no questions asked!

    •    If you ever receive an incorrect or damaged order, we will replace it immediately, free of charge.
    •    You will never pay for shipping on orders of two or more standard sized filters that ship on the same schedule. If you order a single filter or multiple filters that ship on different schedules, there will be a small $5 shipping fee. If you order a custom size filter, there could be a fee depending upon the size and your location. In any case, this will be clearly explained prior to you committing to the order.
    •    We will not bombard you with e-mail correspondence. Our service is intended to allow you to forget about filters, not constantly remind you about them. We will notify you when an order ships, and we will follow up after delivery to remind you to actually change out the filters (we’ve found they work better when they’re taken out of the box and put into service).
    •    If you call or email, we will respond and work to address your question or concern within 24 hours.
    •    Your personal information will remain in the hands of FILTERight.com, and will never be shared with any other business or entity.
    •    Our customer relationships are our most important assets, and we will bend over backward to prove it to you.