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Our filters are made right here in the USA by a manufacturer that deals primarily with commercial customers. We approached them about making custom filters for our service, and they were thrilled to jump into the residential and small business markets. You’ll notice that our filters aren’t individually shrink wrapped with expensive full color eye catching marketing materials like the ones at the big box stores. Air filters are a tool. All of the bells and whistles are designed to make you notice and buy them, not to increase the effectiveness of the tool. Would you rather spend your money on filters that have eye catching graphics, or filters that show up in the correct sizes and on the correct schedule, right on your front doorstep? Which ultimately provides more value to you? If you are ever dissatisfied with our filters or our service, you can return the order for a full refund.

In either MERV 8 or MERV 11, our filter media is a pleated synthetic, triboelectric material that captures up to 85% of the most common household pollutants and allergens. All of our filters trap pollen, mold and pet dander, making them ideal for allergy sufferers.

A note on filter sizing:
Air filters are sized like lumber. The nominal dimensions differ from the actual dimensions by 1/4" to 1/2". If you measure your return, and the opening is 13.75" x 29.5", then you need a 14" x 30" filter. If you need a filter that is actually 14" x 30" or some other size, just head on over to our Custom Size page, and give us the dimensions you need. Be sure to tell us that these are ACTUAL DIMENSIONS, and not nominal dimensions.

In any case, you can always return an incorrectly sized order. So, if we send one that doesn't quite fit, just send it back and we'll get you the right filter immediately.